Over 7,000 Cost Segregation Studies Completed

"Cost Segregation is a lucrative tax strategy that should be used in almost every major purchase of commercial real estate"

The United States Treasury Department
Wall Street Journal June 2003

The Ernst Story

Ernst Consulting Group, Inc. is a uniquely positioned firm geared toward ‘Building Client Wealth’ through the Cost Segregation process. As with any specialized field, there are masters! Ernst's cost segregation specialists have a combined 100 plus years of experience. The founder of Ernst Consulting Group helped develop the most methodical and accurate approach to cost segregation, the Detailed Engineering Methodology. Our process was subsequently introduced to leading accounting and Fortune 500 firms, over 20 years ago. Ernst is not an accounting group. Our energy is exclusively focused upon cost segregation, which is one reason why Ernst has been invited to work with hundreds of CPA firms across the country. Our firm does not replace your CPA! Our team works directly with your accountant(s), to ensure that your depreciation benefits are maximized. Ernst's experience and application of the IRS approved procedures (Detailed Engineering Methodology), provides the maximum depreciation benefit…. and assures the maximum downstream protection.

Cash Flow - Bottom line...it's all about cash flow! In general, the cost segregation process reclassifies certain assets from long-term depreciation into short life deprecation...the end result is a reduced current tax burden and ultimately increased cash flow! The power of this strategy, which is driven by the detailed engineering process employed by Ernst, dissects a complex building into its component parts. Why? First of all, it's the IRS preferred methodology. Secondly, it provides the most detailed documentation and audit trail. Finally, this process provides substantial downstream benefits to clients, which can actually be more valuable than the initial acceleration of depreciation. This process assists clients in identifying the correct remaining depreciable basis of major building component assets that may qualify for early retirement. Allow your hard earned money to work for you now, instead of being locked up in old depreciation schedules.

Security - Ernst Consulting Group is different from other Cost Segregation firms! Our team uses an IRS approved procedure, defined as the Detailed Engineering Methodology. The advantage to our clients is a 100% audit guaranty. In other words, in the unlikely event of a random audit, Ernst Consulting Group will defend our client's study, at no additional cost to your firm. Why? Quite simply…we know that our study is the best! The bottom line…. we help companies like yours identify the maximum depreciation benefit with the maximum security.

Professionalism - The Ernst cost segregation professionals will evaluate any building, in any state, for a comprehensive fixed price. The fixed fee is based on project scope and complexity. This fee is NOT contingent on the level of benefits identified. Why? Because it's the ethical way to do business! Just as important, our engineering work meets and exceeds the guidelines outlined in the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide. At the end of the day…it's all about the quality of work. That is why Ernst provides a lifetime of coverage at no added cost to our clients!

For more information or to request a no cost analysis please contact Ernst Consulting Group at (770) 949-3811